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Personal Homepage

All University members have the option to create a personal homepage using the University IT Services www-server "Omnibus."

Along with personal storage space, all University students and employees have the ability to create a personal homepage, where you can add html- data as well as links to other websites. This means you are given the opportunity to create a personal website accessible from around the world.

This homepage is then publicly accessible worldwide through your Uni-Account under http://omnibus.uni-freiburg.de/~UserID.

Policy for Use

Your homepage should have a recognizable reference to your studies or to social life at university. As an author you are personally responsible for the content presented. Any commercial use of this service is prohibited.

Please find instructions for using the Omnibus server to set up a personal website under Freiburg University's Informationsangeboteordnung

Access and maintenance of your personal website

The data field available for your Omnibus homepage can be found on the server under omnibus.files.uni-freiburg.de. Access should be available through all systems with Windows-, Linux and Mac OS-Systems.

  • Windows workplaces inside the University:
    The easiest way to protect your data from a Windows workstation is to set up your Omnibus data field as the network drive and then copy all websites and data from the hard drive:


      Login with your Username: "public\UserID" and then your Uni-Account Password

      When working from a Windows computer outside the University, make sure to log in to the University network using the VPN client.

  • Using MAC OS X (from version 10.5)
    under menu point "go to," find the option "connect to server" and type in the following address:


  • Using Linux
    you can work using the smbclient tool, for example:

      smbclient //omnibus.files.uni-freiburg.de/home -D omnibus/user -U public/user

In the University IT Services Wiki, you can find more options for connecting to the Omnibus data storage using different servers. Unfortunately this is only available in German.

When constructing your website, you are free from the above stated user guidelines. In order for the link to your Omnibus page to work correctly, you will need to have a homepage entitled welcome.html or index.html.

You can use a html-editor, e.g. Freeware html-Kit, to create your website. On the Omnibus server you can also use php and cgi.

Important notice:

Please do not save any personal data or information needed for personal purposes in the Omnibus data storage space. All information in this directory is publicly available as anyone with the corresponding link can access this information through the internet. Furthermore, this homepage could result from a google search. Personal data should be stored in your Homedirectory.


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