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Fileserver (home directory)

All University employees and students have the possibility to save data in a personal online database (home directory) that is accessible through a shared fileserver.

As a student, you can access your personal homedirectory from any computer with a VPN connection through the Freiburg University network. As a University employee, you can access this directory from your office workstation, or access it remotely through a VPN connection. The directory is accessible through Windows or Linux without having to install any additional software.

To access the fileserver, first connect to the VPN client. Then enter the follwoing address \\userid.files.uni-freiburg.de\userid into the 'Connect to Network' option under Start. Please find a more detailed explanation in the RZ-Wiki at Netzlaufwerk verbinden (Windows)(in German).

Students and employees have 2 GB free space available. If there is a justified reason, this space can also be increased.

Currently, there exists roughly 35,000 homedirectories with a total of 7 TB space, all of which are automatically backed up every day at the University IT Services (TSM Backup).



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