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FAQ - questions & answers

Description for/explanation of the new server access

Important: your email address remains the same, just the login/server is different!

Please don't forget mail clients at home and on mobile devices.

Q: How can I access CommuniGate Webmail?
A: https://mail.uni-freiburg.de. Your login is the complete email address, the former password is still valid.

Q: What needs to be changed in my mail client in order to send and receive email again?
A: The server name for incoming and outgoing email needs to be changed to: mail.uni-freiburg.de. Login is the complete email address. You can find those settings in your account settings.

Thunderbird: Menu/Edit: account settings -> server settings -> server type (IMAP mail server) -> server name: change to mail.uni-freiburg.de. User name: change to complete address. Important: then go to Outgoing Server (SMTP) -> edit. Server name: change to mail.uni-freiburg.de, user name: complete email address.
Outlook: File -> account settings -> change/edit. Change incoming and outgoing to mail.uni-freiburg.de and user name to complete email address.

Attention: please check beforehand that OL is up to date with the server concerning folder structure. To be sure please press 'send/receive', 'send/receive all folders' and 'update folders' to synchronise everything. If you are not sure please create a new profile. Close OL, go to Systemsteuerung -> Email -> Profile -> add profile and choose the new profile when you start OL again to create the email account.

Mac: Close the programm, go to Mail -> Settings -> Server Settings -> Hostname: mail.uni-freiburg.de and as username the complete email address. Then go to SMTP -> modify SMTP server list - > server settings -> hostname -> mail.uni-freiburg.de and the complete email address as user name.

Q: What kind of improvement has been added to the configuration of a new account in Thunderbird or Outlook?
A: A config file has been added to a web server that configures the account automatically with the correct settings in order to simplify the setting up of a new account.

Q: How can I receive/send emails with my mobile device?
A: It is slightly different on every device but should be settings -> Accounts -> chose account -> server settings  -> incoming. User name: complete email address, server: mail.uni-freiburg.de. Outgoing: server: mail.uni-freiburg.de, user: complete email address.


Settings -> mail/contacts/calendar -> uni mail account -> account.

'Email': complete email address 'Server": mail.uni-freiburg.de 'Domain': needs to be empty        'user name': complete email address -> finish and done.

Q: How can I access calendars in Thunderbird?
A: The calendar has to be unsubscribed (right mouse on the calendar and unsubscribe calendar. And then subscribed anew: file -> new calendar -> on the network -> CalDAV -> Location: https://mail.uni-freiburg.de/CalDAV/nameofcalendar. Login with user name: complete email address and password, probably twice for CalDAV and UserDAV.

Q: I have a Telecom Speedport Router (or another router with the same problem) and still cannot send emails
A: User with a Telecom router who were required to add their server name to the 'list of secure email servers' have to add mail.uni-freiburg.de to the list.

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