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Werthmannstrasse 4 alternatives (until provisional re-opening)

12.03.2020 08:18

Due to the issues with the ceiling, the PC pools at Werthmannstrasse 4 are currently closed. Thanks to the use of the basis platform "bwLehrpool", moving events and workspaces is easy (provided rooms are available). The Computer Center user counselling at WM4 will temporarily move back to the KG2, on the 4th floor and be available at the usual opening times.

Werthmannstrasse 4 alternatives (until provisional re-opening)

The PC pool floor was upgraded with a couple of machines and cleaned. The functionality of all machines was checked as well.

Teaching events coming up can take place in the pool rooms at the Computer Center, Hermann-Herder-Str. 10, which can be booked thorugh the central lecture hall allocation. Thanks to bwLehrpool, all vritual teaching and workspaces that were offered at Werthmannstrasse 4 are available, if no limitations were made to certain rooms.

Students can find these environments at the free working space on the 4th floor of the KG2 and at all other locations where bwLehrpool is available:

  • There are currently 40 well-equipped and fairly up-to-date machines in the KG2 on the 4th floor, where the pool operations were located up to the opening of WM4. The machines will be checked in the coming days. The user counselling service will be located there until further notice as well.
  • In the basement of the Computer Center, the pools -113, -114 and the older large pool -100/1 are well equipped.
  • bwLehrpool is also available in the PC pool of the Mathematics Computer Center buildiing, 2nd floor, 19 spaces, for E-Exams (many thanks to the colleagues!). Alternatively, bwLehrpool can be selected when startin the machine.
  • bwLehrpool is still available in the pool -100 in the Computer Center basement. Those are fairly up-to-date machines.

Free studying is still possible at all machines with bwLehrpool on them (UB, other libraries).

We later received the news that the removal of the ceiling plates will take longer than expected. Therefore, the pools will most likely not re-open before the start of the new semester, in a slightly uglier look. Events and exams can then take place in a normal fashion, hopefully. The ceilings need to be restructured due to a poorly performed mounting and the resulting risk of falling objects.

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